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Dioses del Metal

English version:

From Italy comes this Gothic/symphonic/metal trio named Bleeding Zero. The band presents this year their debut album called “Pain & fiction”, which contains the purity both of Symphonic Metal and Gothic, incorporating classical and operatic elements. This work has been released on January 14th. 

Despite stating in the introduction that we are going to hear mainly sound elements influenced by classic music and opera, the band also features Folk traits, welcoming us in the first track, Terra Nova, that with this unexpected start thrust a vivid, energetic sound on us, with vocalist R.Manfredi deploying her potential and adding elegance to a very dynamic song that breaks the ice with commendable force. 

Follows Life and death of Sybil Vane, giving us a heavier sound, fully imbued with the band’s chosen music influences, that serves the best of its sophisticated essence with voices stand out above instruments. 

The power keeps increasing with Parnassus, where symphonic sound is a joy to listen to, since every element in this song leads us on a harmony path as smooth as silk, on to a chorus where operatic choirs wraps around the italian band, conferring them an epicness that adds value to every note. On the other hand, I’d like to highlight the awesome work of guitar and bass, whose vigorous riffs are perfectly cohesive with an exceptional drumwork. 

For a change, in Sappho’s leap the band delights us with a soft introduction to burst then into strong riffs charged with the purity (as well as strength) of european symphonic metal. We stand before a well-built composition, where the main currents of this metal genre are solid all the way through. 

In Romanticynicism, Bleeding Zero unite the best of symphonic and gothic metal in a song which lacks nothing to be enjoyed in its every part. I get a glimpse of a most dynamic band, bringing us a variety of sound fragments each time better than before, with operatic tones merging to the frontwoman’s melodious voice, well proportioned instrumental parts, continuous change of pace and female vocals that grow in strength as the track moves forward. 

In somnium ars clamavit is a short song (something longer than two minutes) where the italians show us a softer and more emotional side, with Rachele Manfredi accompanied only by the piano and the operatic choirs that characterize this debut, also present in the beginning of Ecce Ancilla Musae, that gradually returns to a more pugnacious and dynamic sound, with the rhythmic section stepping back from the spotlight from time to time, while vocals dominate the whole song. Altogether, a track that fits well with the band’s style. 

We then get to Bliss of the sea, one of the brightest jewels in this work, thanks to the amazing work of guitars and the intense personality of Bleeding Zero, that give us one more song radiating elegance and vividness from each note. A particular mention is due to the chorus, with its triumph of vocals and choirs.

In Scenophiliac, the bands deploys its heavy artillery with captivating and promising instrumental parts, where Daniele Neri’s drums captures all attention. This is a song rooted in strong, authentic symphonic metal, where the band takes no risks and gives it all in each note.

With track n°10, The seal and the siren, Bleeding Zero show once again their strong personality, with yet another exceptional composition. The superb symphonic and gothic nature of these italians influences also Saturnine, where rhythm speeds up even more. Both these tracks are my favorites. 

The album closes on Quest for myself, a poised song that emanates the variety, as well as refinement, that characterize the band. A proper conclusion that leaves a good taste in our mouth. That’s amazing. 

We stand before an LP perfectly befitting the european symphonic current, with songs that with no doubt get an excellent placement.