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Bleeding Zero is a project conceived by vocalist Rachele “Olympia” Manfredi (ex-Deuxvolt): a foundational gothic/symphonic metal component, merging with elements from various metal subgenres, with strong classical influences and a special attention to lyrics as poetry, as well as to the theatrical dimension. Each song tells a story, explores an emotion, pictures a character. 

Going through several line-up changes, the project’s sound matures and defines itself, until the release, in 2015, of the promo EP “Scenophiliac” and the title track’s videoclip. Songs are tested both live on the stages of local metal scene and on the web, receiving quite a positive feedback from audience and followers.

In 2020 Bleeding Zero completed their first album “Pain and Fiction” under Revalve Records, whose production and mastering are entrusted to Tapani Rauha at PopRockJazz Turku School Studio (Turku, Finland). Due to the pandemic, it only sees the light in 2022 under Revalve Records, preceded by the single “Parnassus” and accompanied by the videoclip of second single “Life and death of Sybil Vane”. 

In 2023 the band started working on their second album, “Idylls die”, recorded and mixed at Heisenberg Studio, to be released under Revalve Records on June 7th 2024, together with the videoclip and single “Close”, filmed and produced by Kinolog. The album is a concept, structured as a sort of journal that retraces different stages of acknowledging and working through emotional trauma.

Bleeding Zero are:

Rachele Manfredi

vocals & composing

Daniele neri

drums & programming

Claudio Sottili


francesco romeggini